SQL Engine - SQL processing (Sql Compiler)

Oracle Database Sql Processing


In which way the database processes:

  • DDL statements to create objects,
  • DML to modify data, and
  • queries to retrieve data.

Stages of SQL Processing

Oracle Database Sql Processing

Depending on the statement, the database may omit some of these steps.


SQL Engine - SQL Parser


SQL Engine - Query Optimizer (Query Optimization)

Query optimization is the process of choosing the most efficient means of executing a SQL statement. The database optimizes queries based on the optimizer statistics collected about the actual data being accessed.

The optimizer uses statistics such as :

  • the number of rows,
  • the size of the data set,
  • and other factors

to generate possible execution plans,

  • assigning a numeric cost to each plan.

The database uses the plan with the lowest cost.

Row Source Generation

SQL Engine - Row source generator


SQL Engine - Execution

Documentation / Reference

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Oracle Database Sql Processing
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Oracle Database Sql Processing
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Oracle Database Sql Processing
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Oracle Database Sql Processing
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Oracle Database Sql Processing
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