Relational Data Modeling - Generic Data Model

1 - About

The generic data model is a relation data model that represent any object in a database using just four tables.

3 - Pro/cons

It's really good for the flexibility but not good for the database performance and for the simplicity of the SQL statement.

4 - Data Model

Create table objects ( oid int primary key, name varchar2(255) );

Create table attributes 
( attrId int primary key, attrName varchar2(255), 
datatype varchar2(25) );

Create table object_Attributes 
( oid int, attrId int, value varchar2(4000), 
primary key(oid,attrId) );

Create table Links ( oid1 int, oid2 int, 
primary key (oid1, oid2) );  

5 - Documentation / Reference

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