Relational Data Modeling - Entity Relationship Model (3NF)

Data System Architecture

Relational Data Modeling - Entity Relationship Model (3NF)

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Data Warehouse - Data Models

In the data warehousing environment, you can find several relational data models. The staging area is a temporary layer where data can persisted in order to assist the data integration in the persistence...
Data System Architecture
Data Warehouse - Persistent layer (Fundamental Layer | Operational Data Store - ODS)

A persistent layer is a data warehouse layer where data is persisted (ie never deleted). A persistent layer is also known as: a fundamental layer an operational data store (ODS) an enterprise...
Star Schema
Dimensional Data Modeling - Dimensional Schemas

This section is dimensional data modeling, That is the building of a cube (hypercube) A dimensional schema is a schema based on dimension. The dimensional schema can modeled: in a relational database...

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