Data Warehouse - Data Models

Data System Architecture


In the data warehousing environment, you can find several relational data models.



The staging area is a temporary layer where data can persisted in order to assist the data integration in the persistence layer. There is not really a structure or relationship between tables.


Centralized Data Warehouse

Normalized relational warehouse (3NF) (atomic/some summarized data) - Relational Data Modeling - Entity Relationship Model (3NF)

3nf Sales

Data Vault

Data Vault (linstedt)

Data Vault Sales

Data mart

poke Data Warehousing - Data Marts

Kimball Star Schema with conformed dimensions.

Star Schema Sales

(1) Attributes of Dim Order which is a fact dimension can be degenerated.

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Data Warehouse - Layer (Architecture)

Name Properties Stage Layer Real-Time, CDC, continuous refresh DataWarehouse Layer / ODS Normalized, Data History, refresh: 2-6 daily Data Mart Performance, Access layer, Star schema, refresh: 1-4...
Relational Data Modeling - Data Model

data model in a relational environment The difference between model (ER, Dimensional, Vault) has everything to do with terminology and method. There are two basic types of physical models : (E-R)...

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