Logical Data Modeling - Value Set

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A value set is a set of value from the same attribute.

A value set is known as:

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Data System Architecture
Collection - Cardinality (Size/Length)

The cardinality of a collection is the number of values contained in that collection. In a uml diagram, the possible cardinalities for a collection (value set) are specified with the multiplicity...
Data System Architecture
Logical Data Modeling

A data model in software engineering is a graph of entity that try to represent the reality and describes how data are represented and accessed. the real world consists of entities and relationships....
Data System Architecture
Logical Data Modeling - Conformity (Conformance)

This data quality property refers to whether instances of data are either: store, exchanged, or presented in a format that is : consistent with the domain of values, as well as consistent...
Data System Architecture
Logical Data Modeling - Primary Key (Id, Name)

A Primary Key is a key that identify indefinitely uniquely an element: entity or a in their local scope. It's a part of the fully qualified identifier. A real primary key is immutable as...
Data System Architecture
Logical Data Modeling - Set

A set in data modeling is a data structure that groups element (entity, value, relationship, ...) in a aggregation relationship. set data type See
Data System Architecture
Logical Data Modeling - Value (Operand)

A value may be obtained by: observation or measurement Values may represents the structural characteristic of: an entity (case) or a relationship A value is stored in a field (cell). ...
Entity Set Graph Model
Logical Data Modeling - Visualization / Language

Data Modeling Language helps visualize data model. - The ERD is the most common technique for drawing data models. (UML) - The class diagrams adds the behaviours of each entity to the model....
Relational Data Model
Relation - Column

A column is the relational model representation of a value set where the attribute is the column metadata that defines its name, type and others attributes properties The columns are located in the Y...
Card Puncher Data Processing
Type - Aggregate / Compound type

An aggregate/compound type is a type that contains a list of element. It represents the notion of value set in data modeling. They are most known as Collection (array,...) A aggregate type create a aggregation...

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