Logical Data Modeling - Dependency (Coupling)

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A dependency is a Relationship that signifies that a entity requires other entity for their specification or implementation.

This means that the complete semantics of the client (the dependent) are either semantically or structurally dependent on the definition/creation of the supplier (the dependency).

In computer science, dependency can be found:



Coupling or dependency is the degree to which each program module relies on each one of the other modules.

A (module|package) often requires other (packages|module) to be installed to function correctly. Such a relation is called a dependency.

See Code Shipping - Dependency (Coupling)



A transitive dependency is a dependency of a dependency. See Logical Data Modeling - Transitive Relationship Property


The relation is dependent of is transitive

How to

Reduce dependency / coupling

See Design Pattern - Dependency Injection

Documentation / Reference

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