Logical Data Modeling - Global Identifier (Fully Qualified Name, Canonical Form)

Data System Architecture


A global identifier identify uniquely a primary element (entity or relationship) in the global scope

It's also generally known as:

  • the fully qualified id
  • the fully qualified name
  • the canonical form (global unique id)

The Gold Modeling Rule

Every entity should have a non-null identifier.

Why ? Just because if any error happens when processing its properties, you should be able to report it unambiguously.

If you don't have one, generate one.



A fully qualified identifier is composed of:

<MATH> \Large GlobalIdentity = NameSpace + PrimaryKey </MATH>


The identifier describes the identity of an entity.

If there is no namespace functionality in the system, you will get this formula <MATH> \Large id+entity = identity </MATH>

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