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A rule is a statement that defines or constrains:

I am sometimes attacked for imposing ‘rules’. Nothing could be further from the truth. I hate rules. All I do is report on how consumers react to different stimuli.

Computer representation

A rule is the first block of a language (declarative and procedural)

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Business - Rule

A business rule is a rule that constrains some aspect of the business process. According to the white paper by the Business Rules Group, a business...
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Data Processing - Transformation Rule

Transformation rule are rules that are applied to data during data processing. They are implemented via data processing operations.
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Data Quality - Data Rules

Data rules are rule that can have various designations such as: business rules (in the data modeling), data test, quality screen. They follow the same concept than the rules from an event driven...
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Event Modeling - Event Rule

A rule is a directive to guide or influence a process behaviour and is a key concept of an Event driven architecture. A rule consists of a conditional expression that is specified using the attributes...
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Language - Declarative

In the computer science, the term declarative is closely linked to the notion of logic and is the opposite of procedural. You declare/ask/tag an object/properties without detailing the background process...
Data System Architecture
Logical Data Modeling - Classification (Taxonomy | Categorization) - Transversal Data Organization

Classification is an naming technique for organization where entity or relationship gets classified by giving them a nominal attribute known as a classifier. relationshipsgroups or categories The output...
Data System Architecture
Logical Data Modeling - Constraint

A constraint is a metadata rule that expresses a condition or restriction in natural language text or in a machine readable language for the purpose of declaring some data or process semantics. ...
Data System Architecture
Logical Data Modeling - Data Structure

A data structure is a single data instance that: cannot be compared/represented by a single value have operations that follows rules represents an entity, a relationship or both. has two representations:...
Data System Architecture
Logical Data Modeling - Operations (Behavior)

operations are the operations supported on a structure that follows rules. They define what's called the behavior of the entity. A serie of operations is called a process. Find the values of the...
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Prometheus - Rule

in Prometheus Prometheus uses rules to: create new time series and to generate alert evaluation_interval controls how often Prometheus will evaluate rules rule_files block specifies the...

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