Logical Data Modeling - Namespace (Hierarchical Entity Organization)

1 - About

A namespace:

  • is a space for a name
  • is an element that contains a set of named element (ie element that can be identified by name)
  • is a hierarchy relationship (tree) that provides organization capability to primary modeling element (entity, relationship)
  • is part of the fully qualified identifier of an entity
  • provides the scoping functionality
  • provides a grouping capability for its members (named element)

As a namespace is a ressource, it may have a URI.

3 - Example

4 - Design Rule

According to magical number:

  • the number of part that consists of the package path should not exceed <math>7 \pm 2</math>
  • the number of item in each package should not exceed <math>7 \pm 2</math>


  • Bad package name because there is more than 7 parts which makes it really difficult to read and remember


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