(Web|Internet) - Resource (Web Content)


On a internet level (not only web), the term resource is used in a general sense for whatever might be identified by a URI (ie a URL for the web)

They are application resources and should not be confound with hardware/machine resources

In a process context and in general, the term resource means what is limited. See resource.

A document (ie served by a server):

  • an image,
  • a source of information (in json format for instance) (e.g., “today's weather report for Los Angeles”),

A file (served by a File - File System (filesystem))

A service:

  • a service (e.g., an HTTP-to-SMS gateway),
  • a database

Or Objects:

  • human beings,
  • corporations,
  • books found in a library

A resource might not be singular in nature. A resource might be:

  • a named set
  • a mapping that varies over time

Static vs Dynamic

A resource can be:


see Browser - Fetching Resources (Request/Response)



See What is the Mime? known also as Media Type

  • Media: Media resources: images, JavaScript, CSS, or fonts
  • Data Resources: HTML, XML, or JSON documents


Resource can also be represented as a graph object by adding metadata

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