Resource (Web Page) - Type (Structured Data | Metadata )


The data structure of a resource such as a web page, or email, … is created by adding metadata to it.

They are used intensively by search engine in order to create rich result and may improved your Seo

search result api may also return them. (ie Google Search Custom for instance)

The markup does not change the formatting of your website, it just makes the metadata and text enclosed within the XHTML tags more meaningful to computers.

This metadata applied on multiple web page transforms the web as a graph.


On a recipe page, you could define:

  • the ingredients,
  • the cooking time and temperature,
  • the calories,
  • and so on.


Structured data formats are rules that standardize the structure and content of the webpage in order to improve the meaning or semantics.

They are markup that you add to a web page

See also The web almanach

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Social Media

Social media uses metadata also to style the card that are used to embed link to a website.


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