Logical Data Modeling - Aggregate Data

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Aggregate data are data that are in a aggregation relation (ie elements that are in a collection)

An aggregate function is a function that is applied to aggregate data (ie A sum is applied to a collection of number)

You aggregate over additive numeric data grouped by class data

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Data System Architecture
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Data System Architecture
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Data System Architecture
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An additive attribute is an attribute with a numeric value that can be logically added (You can therefore aggregate over) In dimensional data, the most command additive attribute are called measure...
Data System Architecture
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The Aggregator operator calculates data aggregations on the input data. It provides an output row set that contains the aggregated data. Aggregator operator is the “group by” clause in Sql. You can...
Data System Architecture
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An Aggregate table is a persistence unit of aggregate data. Aggregate tables are also known as summary table (from summary) materialized view A aggregate is a table that contains the result of a query...

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