Logical Data Modeling - Transitive Relationship Property

1 - About

transitive is a relationship property that tells that the relationship follows the following rule:

  • when the relation relates a to b and b to c, then the relation relates a to c.

In mathematical notation, the relation f is transitive between x and y and z when <MATH> y = f(x) \\ z = f(y) \\ \text{then } z = f(c) \\ </MATH>

3 - Example

  • Transitive example: is an ancestor of : if Amy is an ancestor of Becky, and Becky is an ancestor of Carrie, then Amy is an ancestor of Carrie.
  • Non Transitive example: is the birth parent of: if Alice is the birth parent of Brenda, and Brenda is the birth parent of Claire, then Alice is not the birth parent of Claire.

4 - List

5 - Key Property

Transitivity is a key property of both:

6 - Rule

A transitive relation is:

if aRb and bRa, transitivity gives aRa, contradicting irreflexivity.

7 - Documentation / Reference

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