Java XML - Stream of event

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XML - Stream of event Programming Model model in Java.



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Java - Simple API for XML (SAX)

The Simple API for XML (SAX) is the event-driven, serial-access mechanism of Jaxp that does element-by-element processing. Setting up a program to use SAX requires a bit more work than setting up to...
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Java - Streaming API for XML (StAX)

The StAX APIs defined in provide a streaming Java technology-based, event-driven, pull-parsing API for reading and writing XML documents. StAX offers a simpler programming model than SAX...
Java Conceptuel Diagram
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in Java. Two Xml Document building (programming models): as a stream of events an object representation (dom - document object model) Serialization (ie Marshalling/UnMarshalling) JAXB...
Java Conceptuel Diagram
Java XML - XStream (Xml, Json)

XStream is not a data binding tool. It is a serialization tool. The architecture of XStream consists of the four main components: Component Description Converters...

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