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Javadoc bundle two concepts:

  • the Javadoc syntax
  • the Javadoc tool to generate the doc


 * @see <a href="">Wiki articles</a>


 * @author Nicolas GERARD
{@link  package.class#member  label} 

Inserts an in-line link with visible text label that points to the documentation for the specified package, class or member name of a referenced class.

As a method is a member:

{@link  #myMethod  label} 


* {@inheritDoc}


in a HTML - UL element (unordered list)

    <li>UTF-8 - {@link ByteOrderMark#UTF_8}</li>
    <li>UTF-16BE - {@link ByteOrderMark#UTF_16LE}</li>
    <li>UTF-16LE - {@link ByteOrderMark#UTF_16BE}</li>
   <li>UTF-32BE - {@link ByteOrderMark#UTF_32LE}</li>
   <li>UTF-32LE - {@link ByteOrderMark#UTF_32BE}</li>


in a HTML - Pre (Preserve)

   BOMInputStream bomIn = new BOMInputStream(in);
    if (bomIn.hasBOM()) {
       // has a UTF-8 BOM


@version $Id$


@since 2.0

Documentation / Reference

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