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Card Puncher Data Processing
JPA - Entity Manager

To manage entities in your persistence application, you need to obtain an javax/persistence/EntityManagerentity manager from an javax/persistence/EntityManagerFactoryEntityManagerFactory. An javax/persistence/EntityManagerEntityManager...
Card Puncher Data Processing
JPA - Java Persistence API (JPA)

API The Java Persistence API is the Java API for the management of persistence and object/relational mapping for: Java EE and Java SE environments The Java Persistence consists of: The Java...
Java Conceptuel Diagram
Java - Runtime Image

A runtime image permits to run Java class and have then at minimal a jvm (ie java) Prior to Java 9, there was only two fix run-time image JRE (a complete Java SE Platform implementation) JDK...
Jconsole Memory Tab
What is JConsole? The standard JMX Client

JConsole is a JMX client (ie Its' as jmx graphical tool for monitoring a Java virtual machine) Its full name is Java Monitoring and Management Console. It: is included with the Java SE platform (version...

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