Java Logging - Message (or record)

Java Conceptuel Diagram



Each level corresponds to a numeric value.

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Java Conceptuel Diagram
Java - Logger

A Logger is the entry point to logs messages. The main entity on which applications make logging calls. A Logger object is used to log messages. It has a hierarchical scope that is generally the...
Java Conceptuel Diagram
Java Logger - Logback

logback is a logging system. where, there is: one that write to the console with the message format %d{HH:mm:ss.SSS} [%thread] %-5level %logger{36}...
Java Conceptuel Diagram
Logging - Context (Mapped Diagnostic Context)

Context data (also known as Mapped Diagnostic Context or MDC) To be able to follow a request that flow in different component, you need to put the request ID in every message (generally a GUID. It's...
Data System Architecture
What are the known formats for Log files?

A page the format or structure of log file. message (a piece of text which is the only mandatory data) date and custom attributes such as: message level Origin Most format are single...

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