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JMX technology was developed through the Java Community Process (JCP) as two closely related Java Specification Requests (JSRs).


JSR Tiers Level Description
JSR 3 Java VM Instrumentation Resources, such as applications, devices, or services, are instrumented using Java objects called Managed Beans (MBeans). MBeans expose their management interfaces, composed of attributes and operations, through a JMX agent for remote management and monitoring.
JSR 3 Java VM JMX Agent The main component of a JMX agent is the MBean server. This is a core managed object server in which MBeans are registered. A JMX agent also includes a set of services for handling MBeans. JMX agents directly control resources and make them available to remote management agents.
JSR 160 Remote Remote Management Protocol adaptors and standard connectors make a JMX agent accessible from remote management applications outside the agent’s Java Virtual Machine (Java VM).


MBeans are defined in the J2EE Management Specification (JSR-77), which is part of Java Management Extensions, or JMX, a set of specifications that allow standard interfaces to be created for managing applications in a J2EE environment.

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Java Conceptuel Diagram
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