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An application in shipped in an archive format with a main class that contains a main method that starts the application.

Every Java application has a single instance of class Runtime that allows the application to interface with the Operating System environment in which the application is running.

Deployment / Start

Operating system

How to start a java application in its own process with the jvm directly from the console


You can start a java application by creating a shell script.

java -cp ../lib/myApplication.jar com.mypackage.myMainClass arg1 arg2



With a executable jar, you just need to call the jar with java.

java -jar my_executable.jar

Application Server (J2EE, Tomcat,…)

A Java EE application is packaged into one or more standard units for deployment to any Java EE platform-compliant system.

Each unit contains:

  • A functional component or components, such as an enterprise bean, web page, servlet, or applet
  • An optional deployment descriptor that describes its content

Once a Java EE unit has been produced, it is ready to be deployed. Once deployed, the application is ready to run.


A launcher is a java class that take into account all the steps needed to start your application. This is an advanced technique.

Documentation / Reference

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