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Oracle JDeveloper is the Oracle's full-featured Java IDE.

In JDeveloper, you create your work in an application, within which you can organize your work into a number of projects. JDeveloper provides a number of application templates, to help you to create the project structure for standard types of application relatively quickly and easily. At the time you create your application in JDeveloper, you can choose the application template that matches the type of application you will be building.

The application template you select determines the initial project structure (the named project folders within the application) and the application technologies that will be included. You can then add any extra libraries or technologies you need for your particular application, and create additional projects if you need them.

Application servers

JDeveloper supports direct deployment to the following production application servers:

  • Oracle WebLogic Server
  • Oracle Application Server
  • Apache Tomcat
  • IBM WebSphere
  • JBoss


Web service

JDev can be used for end-to-end development of Web services.

Developers can build Java classes or EJBs, expose them as Web services, automatically deploy them to an instance of Oracle WebLogic Server, and immediately test the running Web service.

Alternatively, JDeveloper can be used to drive the creation of Web services from WSDL descriptions.

JDeveloper also is Ant-aware. You can use this tool to build and run Ant scripts for assembling the client and for assembling and deploying the service.

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A JDeveloper Application (.jws) may contains one or more JDeveloper Project (.jpr).

In JDeveloper you always work with projects contained within an application. A JDeveloper project is a logical grouping of related files. You can add multiple projects to an application to easily access, modify and reuse your source code.


OJVM is the specialized Oracle Java Virtual Machine for JDeveloper

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