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Trying to make my perfect shortcut parameters.

  • Ctrl: Original
  • Shift: Undo



Ctrl+Alt+Left and Right is also a Intel Graphic Shortcut to turn the screen. Disable them. If this is not possible make them Alt+Left and Alt+Right

Ctrl Alt Intel Disable

Windows application shortcut

In a windows application shortcut, you can have a hotkey defined ref

Shortcut Key Windows

Keyboard shortcut

In keyboard layout (that you defines in your Operating system), you may also have shortcut to produce characters. You can delete or modify them. See keyboard layout modification

Example: typing Ctrl+Alt+L could produce the character ø, It's the latin small letter o with stroke. This characters is shown because:

  • Windows understand by default the key combination Ctrl+Alt as the key Alt Gr
  • the keyboard used is the US International keyboard layout specified in your Windows configuration.

Kb Us International

  • and that the US International layout uses the right alt (AltGr) as a modifier to enter special characters.

Gold Shortcut

  • Idea: Ctrl + E: Changed File + Pane
  • Command Palette: Ctrl+Shift A (Idea) or Ctrl+Shift + P (VsCode, Chrome)
  • Search EveryWhere: Double Shift (Idea) vs …
    • Search: Shift+Enter (VsCode)
    • Open a file: Ctrl+P (VsCode)
    • Ctrl + Shift + F: Search everywhere (VsCode)
    • Go to Symbol: Ctrl+T (VsCode)

Editor (Action|Command)

Shortcut Command Type
(cmd|ctrl)-shift-P or F1 or Ctrl+Shift A Command Palette
(cmd|ctrl)-shift-F Global Search
Ctrl+z Undo an action All
Ctrl+y Redo an action All
Esc Stop an action
Ctrl+h Command History
Ctrl+Alt+d Interrupt a process Console
F1 Help All
Ctrl+Bar Intelissense / help when typing All


An application has multiple pane with a menu bar. A pane may have multiple tab.

The Active Windows is where the cursor is.


Shortcut Command Type
Alt+tab Switch between program
Alt+F4 Close a program Windows
Ctrl+N Open an new active main window
F11 Switch between the regular and full-screen views of the browser window


Shortcut Command Type
Ctrl+1,2,3 To switch between editor Windows Document, Navigation
F6 (Windows File Explorer)
To switch between pane Document, Navigation
Esc To go back to the central pan Document, Navigation


Shortcut Command Type
Alt+P Display the preview tab
Ctrl+Tab To switch between tab Document, Navigation
Ctrl+Shift+Tab Move back through tabs
Ctrl+T Create a new tab Create a new tab
Ctrl+F4 of Ctrl+W Close a tab the active document
F5 (or Ctrl+R) Refresh the active tab
Ctrl + F5 Refresh the active tab without cache
Shortcut Command Type
F10 or Alt Activate the menu bar in the active program
Alt+underlined letter Perform the command (or select the option) that goes with that letter
Alt+D , Ctrl + L Select the address bar
Ctrl+E Select the search box In a browser

File Explorer

Shortcut Command Type
Ctrl+Shit+E or Alt+1 Go to the tree pane
Enter View the next folder
Alt+Up Arrow View the parent folder
Ctrl+A Select all items
Ctrl+Alt+F12 File Path


Shortcut Command Type
Tab Move forward through options
Shift+Tab Move back through options
Spacebar Select or clear the check box if the active option is a check box
Arrow keys Select a button if the active option is a group of option buttons
F4 Display the list item

Shortcut Menu

Shortcut Command Type
Shift+F10 or Alt+Enter Display the shortcut menu for the selected item. See also Alt+Enter (to show properties)
Alt+Spacebar Open the shortcut menu for the active window

Terminal / Console

Shortcut Command Type
Alt+F12 Display the terminal

File Structure

Shortcut Command Type
Ctrl+F12 Display the File Structure

VCS (Git, SVN)

Shortcut Command Type
Alt+7 Display the File Structure
Ctrl+K Commit
Ctrl+Shift + K Commit and push

File / Document / Script

Shortcut Command Type
File Actions
Ctrl+d Delete with recycle bin All
Shift+d Delete without recycle bin All
Ctrl+s Save a file
Ctrl + E Recent File
Ctrl + Shift + E Recently Changed File
Ctrl+p Print
F3 or Ctrl+F Search for a file or folder
Alt+Enter Display properties for the selected item
F2 Rename the selected item / file
Ctrl+Shift+N Create a new item / file A new document
Alt+F1 Show current file in Explorer Tree Navigation
Program Actions
Ctrl+F8 Compile Ide
Ctrl+F10 Run the program Ide
Text Actions
Ctrl+A Select all the text
Ctrl + Home Go to the beginning of a document
Ctrl + End Go to the end of a document
Page Down Bar
Page Up Shift + Bar
Structure, Formatting and Import
Ctrl + F12 File Structure
Ctrl+Alt+l Reformat
Ctrl+Alt+I Import


Shortcut Action Desc
Debug the currently active file Ide
Ctrl+Shift+D (VsCode) Got to the debugger view



Command on text selection

Shortcut Command Type
Ctrl+C Copy All
Ctrl+V Paste All
Ctrl+X Cut All


Shift+Alt+Right or Shift+Alt+Left (vscode)
Ctrl+w (idea)
Smart selection Select a leaf, then a block to the root of the document

Block (Function, Class)

Shortcut Command Type
Ctrl+Shift with an arrow key
Shift+Alt (Vscode)
Select a block of text
Ctrl + Shift + Arrow Move selected block
Ctrl + Q Show the documentation


Shortcut Command Type
Ctrl+Down Arrow Move the line
Ctrl+Shift+Down Arrow Copy and move the line
Ctrl+Up Arrow, Ctrl+Shift+Up Arrow Move the line
Ctrl+L or Shift with any arrow key Select line more than one item in a window or on the desktop, or select text within a document
Home Go to the beginning of a line
End Go to the end of a line
Ctrl+G Go to line


Shortcut Command Type
Ctrl+Right Arrow Move the cursor to the beginning of the next word
Ctrl+Left Arrow Move the cursor to the beginning of the previous word
Alt+Right Arrow Move the cursor to the beginning of the next word (The word definition is not the same)
Alt+Left Arrow Move the cursor to the beginning of the previous word (The word definition is not the same)


Shortcut Command Type
Ctrl+G Go to a character format row:column
Ctrl+U Go uppercase
Ctrl+Shift+U Go lowercase


Lexical Analysis - (Token|Lexical unit|Lexeme|Symbol|Word)

Search Shortcut Command Type
Ctrl+Shift+O (idea)
Ctrl+T for the workspace (VsCode)
Ctrl+Shift+O for file (VsCode)
Go to Symbol
Navigation Shortcut Command Type
gd (Vim)
Go to Symbol definition / declaration
Alt+F12 Go to Peek Symbol definition / declaration ???
Shift+F12 Find Usage (all references)


Search Shortcut Command Type
F8 (VsCode), F2 (Idea) Go to next error
Shift + F8 (VsCode), Shift + F2 (Idea) Go to previous error
Ctrl + Shift + M (StatusError) bar


Search Shortcut Command Type
gf Go to file

Cursor (or Internet Page)

Shortcut Command Type
Alt + Click Add a (editing) cursor In SQL Developer (Ctrl + Shift + Click)
Shift + Alt + Select Box Selection
Ctrl+Alt+left Back Go to last edit
ALT+LEFT ARROW Go to the previous cursor position / page
ALT+RIGHT ARROW Go to the next cursor position / page
Ctrl + Click Open the link in a new tab
Shift + Click Open the link in a new windows


Shortcut Command Desc
gh (Vim) hovering the mouse over wherever the cursor is Handy for seeing types and error messages


Shortcut Command Desc
Ctrl+Shift+G (VsCode) Go to the Git View (SCM view)
Ctrl + K Commit
Ctrl + Shift + K Push
F7 Next diff
Shift+F7 Previous diff

Documentation / Reference

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