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Add a tag to your plugin.xml, adding the ID of the plugin you’re depending on as the contents of the tag. For example: org.jetbrains.idea.maven ==== Module Dependency ==== module dependency. A module dependency is a tag where the contents of the tag starts with com.intellij.modules''Modules available in all products based on IntelliJ Platform:
  • com.intellij.modules.platform
  • com.intellij.modules.lang
  • com.intellij.modules.vcs
  • com.intellij.modules.xml
  • com.intellij.modules.xdebugger
Modules available only in specific products:
Module Product IntelliJ IDEA
com.intellij.modules.ultimate IntelliJ IDEA Ultimate Edition
com.intellij.modules.androidstudio Android Studio
com.intellij.modules.appcode AppCode
com.intellij.modules.cidr.lang AppCode, CLion
com.intellij.modules.cidr.debugger AppCode, CLion, RubyMotion
com.intellij.modules.clion CLion
com.intellij.modules.database IntelliJ IDEA Ultimate Edition, PhpStorm, RubyMine, PyCharm, DataGrip
com.intellij.modules.python PyCharm
com.intellij.modules.ruby RubyMine
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