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Register actions in the section of the plugin.xml file. * Register actions from Java code. === Plugin.xml === The following fragment of the plugin.xml file adds the Sample Menu group (item) to the main menu. Clicking this item allows you to access: * Sample Menu > Text Boxes and * Sample Menu > Show Dialog menu commands: Idea Plugin Sample Menu where: * MainMenu is an action group === Registering actions from Java code === See ===== Wizard ===== A wizard simplify the creation of actions. This wizard only add a new action to an existing action group on the main menu or toolbar. If you want to create a new action group, and then add an action to this group, you have to do it manually. In the destination package: * Alt + Insert or Right Click > New > Action Idea Action Wizard ===== Documentation / Reference ===== * Getting Started - Creating an action * IntelliJ Platform Action System - Quick Start Guide * Plugin Actions

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