Oracle Apex - (Application) page

1 - About

A page is the basic building block of an database application.

Application pages share a common:

Individual pages are organized using containers called regions.

3 - Control

Page control

  • region,
  • item,
  • or button.

4 - Type

The pages are linked together using:

  • tabs,
  • buttons,
  • or hypertext links.

You can branch from one page to the next using conditional navigation, perform calculations and validations, and display reports, calendars, and charts.

6 - Definition

The Page Definition appears and is divided into three main sections:

6.1 - Rendering

Page Rendering lists user interface controls and logic that are executed when a page is rendered. See Page Rendering

6.2 - Processing

Page Processing lists logic controls (such as computations and processes) that are evaluated and executed when the page is processed.

6.3 - Shared Components

Shared Components lists common components that can be used by one or more pages within an application.

7 - Public

A public page does not require authentication of the user. See Oracle Apex - Public Navigation (Page and user)

Apex_auth.CURRENT_PAGE_IS_PUBLIC function

8 - Zero

See Oracle Apex - Page Zero

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