Oracle Apex - (Application) page


A page is the basic building block of an database application.

Application pages share a common:

Individual pages are organized using containers called regions.


Page control


The pages are linked together using:

  • tabs,
  • buttons,
  • or hypertext links.

You can branch from one page to the next using conditional navigation, perform calculations and validations, and display reports, calendars, and charts.


The Page Definition appears and is divided into three main sections:


Page Rendering lists user interface controls and logic that are executed when a page is rendered. See Page Rendering


Page Processing lists logic controls (such as computations and processes) that are evaluated and executed when the page is processed.

Shared Components

Shared Components lists common components that can be used by one or more pages within an application.


A public page does not require authentication of the user. See Oracle Apex - Public Navigation (Page and user)

Apex_auth.CURRENT_PAGE_IS_PUBLIC function


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