Oracle Apex - Session (or application context)

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A Session is created after :


Each session is assigned a unique identifier. The Application Express engine uses this identifier (or session ID) to store and retrieve an application's working set of data (or session state) before and after each page view.



The session ID can be seen:



You can reference the session ID variable using the syntax:

  • Short substitution string: &APP_SESSION.
  • Bind variable: :APP_SESSION

Example with the Apex url



APP_SESSION_VISIBLE enhance APP_SESSION by implementing also the zero session feature


Viewing Active Sessions

Time out

Application Properties > Security > Session Timeout



See the APEX_UTIL package:



You can use the APEX_CUSTOM_AUTH package to perform various operations related to session management.


The ORACLE_APEX_PURGE_SESSIONS job (DBMS_SCHEDULER) purges sessions older than 12 hours (the default). This job runs every hour.


The zero session ID function is in use in a public navigation context. See Zero Session Feature

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