Oracle Apex - (Cross) Conditional Formatting/Navigation


The conditions in Oracle Apex applies to an object. An object as an item may represent a collection of value (ie a column value of a row). When you want to apply a condition only on this value (row), you cannot use the standard conditions feature.

For instance, n a report, you may want conditionally:

  • to show/hide a column,
  • change the color of a value that depends of the value of an other column (Cross Condition)
  • … etc

The key concept in this technique is to manage the conditional part in a SQL statement (with a CASE WHEN statement for instance) and use the returned conditional value to format the output with CSS property applied to HTML.


The link below will be shown only if the Status is 'Complete'.

Use an integer for your status in place of a text in production code, please

case when status <> 'Complete' then  'none' else 'initial' end as display_link,
case when status <> 'Complete' then id else null end as bop_id

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