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File > Settings > Plugin



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Idea Javascript Plugin
IDEA - Javascript Dev

A javascript Project is a Static Web project. You need to define the JavaScript libraries as dependency. The debug session is based on the chrome debug mode. If you choose: locally, Idea will...
Idea Module Configuration
IDEA - Module (iml)

A module is a discrete unit of functionality which you can compile, run, test and debug independently. Modules contain everything that is required for their specific tasks: source code, build scripts,...
Node Plugin Idea
IDEA - Node

Node configuration inside IDEA Node is not installed by default. You need to install it as a plugin. The node_module folder should be marked as a library. To enable code completion for Node.js...
Card Puncher Data Processing
Idea - Plugin Development

How to develop IDEA plugin. The most common types of plugins include: Custom language support (File type recognition, Lexical analysis, Syntax highlighting, Formatting, Code insight and code completion,...

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