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code -help
Visual Studio Code 1.12.1

Usage: code.exe [options] [paths...]

  -d, --diff                  Open a diff editor. Requires to pass two file
                              paths as arguments.
  -g, --goto                  Open the file at path at the line and character
                              (add :line[:character] to path).
  --locale <locale>           The locale to use (e.g. en-US or zh-TW).
  -n, --new-window            Force a new instance of Code.
  -p, --performance           Start with the 'Developer: Startup Performance'
                              command enabled.
  --prof-startup              Run CPU profiler during startup
  -r, --reuse-window          Force opening a file or folder in the last active
  --user-data-dir <dir>       Specifies the directory that user data is kept
                              in, useful when running as root.
  --verbose                   Print verbose output (implies --wait).
  -w, --wait                  Wait for the window to be closed before
  --extensions-dir <dir>      Set the root path for extensions.
  --list-extensions           List the installed extensions.
  --show-versions             Show versions of installed extensions, when using
  --install-extension <ext>   Installs an extension.
  --uninstall-extension <ext> Uninstalls an extension.
  --enable-proposed-api <ext> Enables proposed api features for an extension.
  --disable-extensions        Disable all installed extensions.
  --disable-gpu               Disable GPU hardware acceleration.
  -v, --version               Print version.
  -h, --help                  Print usage.



code --diff <file1> <file2>

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Card Puncher Data Processing
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