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usage: jupyter [-h] [--version] [--config-dir] [--data-dir] [--runtime-dir]
               [--paths] [--json]

Jupyter: Interactive Computing

positional arguments:
  subcommand     the subcommand to launch

Available subcommands: console kernelspec lab labextension labhub migrate
nbconvert nbextension notebook qtconsole run script serverextension
troubleshoot trust

Optional arg:

  • -h, –help show this help message and exit
  • –version show the jupyter command's version and exit
  • –config-dir show Jupyter config dir
  • –data-dir show Jupyter data dir
  • -runtime-dir show Jupyter runtime dir
  • –paths show all Jupyter paths. Add –json for machine-readable format.

Available subcommands:

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Notebook Components
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