Vim - Command

1 - About

To execute commands, you need to be in the normal mode

3 - Syntax

Many commands that change text follows this format:

[number] operator  [number] [motion]


  • [number] - is an optional count to repeat the operator
  • operator - is what to do, such as d for delete
  • [number] - is an optional count to repeat the motion
  • [motion] - moves over the text to operate on, such as w for word, $ for the end of line, etc.

4 - Example

  • d2w stands for delete 2 words.
  • 3a!<Esc>. Added three exclamation points to the end of a line by typing
  • 3x. Delete three characters
  • 9k or 9 Mouse Up. Move up the cursor nine lines

5 - Management

5.1 - List

:help index 

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