Vim - Command

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d2w stands for delete 2 words. 3a!. Added three exclamation points to the end of a line by typing * 3x. Delete three characters * 9k or 9 Mouse Up. Move up the cursor nine lines ===== Management ===== ==== List ==== * In normal mode :help index

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Vim Insert Mode
VIM - Getting Started

vim Getting Started page. See To open the file, run The contents of the file must appear. vivim To work with VIM, you navigate between two modes: Normal mode (default) to execute commands....
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Vim - Cursor

Command that you can be used to manage the cursor. h is on the left, l is on the right and j points down. In a picture: > Not slowing down your editing because to press the arrow keys, you must...
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Vim - Help

Help in Vim Command Description Mode Note :help or F1 Display the help Normal ZZ to quit, CTRL-] to click on a |hyperlink|, CTRL-T to navigate back :help index All Vim commands Normal ...
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Vim - Line

This article is VIM command for a line Delete a line: dd Copy: see the dedicated page:
Vim Insert Mode
Vim - Mode

The Vim editor is a modal editor and behaves then differently, depending on which mode you are in. The two basic modes are called: Normal mode (Default - ESC) - In Normal mode the characters you type...
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Vim - Motion

A motion is a parameters of an action in a command w for word, $ for the end of line with the w word motion, you can delete 2 words with the following command:
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Vim - Operator

An operator is a component of a Vim command and can be seen as the function. x : delete a character d: delete (by default a word) - (ie cut) y: yank (ie copy) a : add k : Move the pointer...
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Vim - UI

The tilde ~ lines indicate lines not in the file. At the bottom of the screen, a message line indicates the file and shows a status (new file, ...) Vim puts the cursor on the bottom of the screen...

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