Oracle Hyperion - Environment Variable

1 - About

This article regroup all environment variable of epm:

  • ARBORPATH - Set to the Essbase home directory (ex. C:\Hyperion\products\Essbase\EssbaseClient)
  • PATH - Set to %ARBORPATH%\bin
  • ESSBASEPATH - Set to the same directory as ARBORPATH.
  • EPM - EPM_ORACLE_HOME environement variable (Oracle Home)

To manage them on:

3 - Environment variable / parameter ?

The ESSLANG value is stored :

  • for Administration Services : in HYPERION_HOME/products/essbase/eas/server/;
  • for Provider Services, in HYPERION_HOME/products/Essbase/aps/bin/

The location of the file is dependent on the version of Essbase installed:

  • Location for version 9.3: HYPERION_HOME\AnalyticProviderServices\bin directory
  • Location for version 11: HYPERION_HOME\products\Essbase\aps\bin\

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