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The following chapters describe Data Management products.

Data Integration Management

Oracle's Hyperion® Data Integration Management provides a way of uniting disparate data sources across an enterprise. For example, it can integrate data that is stored in multiple warehouses and data marts, relational database management systems (RDBMS), and online analytical processing (OLAP) stores.

Financial Data Quality Management

Oracle Hyperion Financial Data Quality Management, Fusion Edition is a packaged solution that, through its Web-based guided workflow, helps finance users to develop standardized financial data management processes. Its data preparation server can ease integration and validation of financial data from any source system. To further reduce data integration costs and data mapping complexities, FDM includes EPM adapters for a variety of source and target systems.

Data Relationship Management

Oracle Hyperion Data Relationship Management, Fusion Edition enables enterprises to build consistency within master data assets despite endless changes within the underlying transactional and analytical systems. Data Relationship Management provides the industry's first data model-agnostic master data management solution built to enable financial and analytical master data management in dynamic, fast-changing business environments.

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Card Puncher Data Processing
Oracle Hyperion EPM

The Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) suite is composed of : common services : an OLAP database : reporting tools : applications : data management : Documentation...

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