EPM - EPM_ORACLE_HOME environement variable (Oracle Home)

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EPM - EPM_ORACLE_HOME environement variable (Oracle Home)


When multiple Oracle products are installed on one computer, common internal and third-party components are installed to a central location, called Oracle Home.

Oracle Home contains a \common directory. An EPM Workspace installation adds a %EPM_ORACLE_HOME%\products\Foundation\workspace directory to Oracle Home, which is the default installation location or Install Home for EPM Workspace (that is, %EPM_ORACLE_HOME%\products\Foundation\workspace on Windows, or EPM_ORACLE_HOME/products/Foundation/Workspace on UNIX).

For Reporting and Analysis, it is possible to have multiple Install Homes on one physical host. All Java services in an Install Home run in one process space and share a GSM (not necessarily on one host). If a host has multiple Install Homes, each Install Home requires its own separate services process space and is managed by its own GSM. Services in an Install Home are referred to collectively as an Install Home.


On Windows

On Windows platforms, the Oracle Home (contains Oracle database products) location is defined in the system environment variable called EPM_ORACLE_HOME (contains all Hyperion products) and the default location is C:\Oracle\Middleware\EPMSystem11R1. Middleware contains products such as Weblogic.

On Linux

On UNIX platforms, the Oracle Home value is stored in .hyperion.

in the home directory, and the default location is HOME/Oracle/Middleware/EPMSystem11R1.
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