XML - Element

1 - About

Each XML document contains one or more elements, the boundaries of which are either delimited by:

<empty/> <!-- Empty Element -->

The element structure of an XML document may, for validation purposes, be constrained using declarations.

element = <start tag> + content + <end tag>

3 - Property

Each element has:

  • name (full or local)
  • a type,
  • may have a set of attribute specifications,
  • and a content

3.1 - Name

3.1.1 - Full Name

The full name of an element consists of its local name and its namespace URI.



3.1.2 - Local Name

Its name without any namespace

3.2 - Type

The Name in the start- and end-tags gives the element's type. It's sometimes called its “generic identifier” (GI).


You can define the schema between element type via element type declaration

3.3 - Attribute

3.4 - Content

3.5 - Empty

XML - Empty

4 - Usage: Inline vs Structure

XML - in-line element vs XML - Structure element

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