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Browser - Page loading

Page loading is a status of the timeline of a page load. When a page is loaded, it means that the browser: has received a HTTP response from an request and has parsed the content (during the parse...
DOM - Ready event (Readiness|readyState)

A document is in a ready state when the DOM has been built. Any work that tries to interact with the DOM should wait for the DOM to be ready. HTML For an HTML page, in a browser, all images are not...
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XML - Extensible HTML (XHTML)

Extensible HTML (XHTML) is an XML document: that looks like HTML but is well formed according to XML rules. See also In 1998 , the W3C membership decided to stop evolving HTML and instead begin...
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What is a CDATA Sections in XML ? (and HTML compliancy)

A cdata section delimits a text as being cdata (character data). It's used mostly to be able to use (ie escape) reserved xml characters that would otherwise be recognized as xml markup. An example...

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