HTML - Description List (dl)


dl is an list HTML element that represents a description list

The lists has several element that are represented by:



A Glossary

<dl> <!-- Description List (dl) -->

    <!-- Description Term (dt) -->
    <dd>An ordererd collection that allows duplicate</dd> <!-- Description description (dd) - description of the term -->

    <!-- Another description Term (dt) -->
    <dd>A finite sequence</dd>

    <!-- Another Description Term (dt) -->
    <dd>An unordered collection that does not allow duplicate</dd>



This example shows a list of frequently asked questions (a FAQ) marked up using:

  • the dt element for questions
  • and the dd element for answers.
  <!-- question -->
  <dt>What do we want?</dt>
  <!-- answer -->
  <dd>Our data.</dd>
  <!-- question -->
  <dt>When do we want it?</dt>
  <!-- answer -->
  <!-- question -->
  <dt>Where is it?</dt>
  <!-- answer -->
  <dd>We are not sure.</dd>


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