What is the Tab Order (Keyboard focus navigation)


The tab order is the order of interactive elements such as:

  • links
  • and form controls

You can loop through this sequence in the browser by

  • going to the address bar (alt+d)
  • and pressing the tab key (of the keyboard).

The tab order is also known as:

  • the sequential navigation
  • the keyboard focus navigation

The selected element in this sequence is known as the the active element and has the focus.

This is one of the three html order with source and visual order

Tab Order Sequence

The tab order sequence is build by adding elements in this order of precedence:


You can modify the tab order with the tabindex attribute

You can:

  • add an element (tabindex>=0)
  • delete an element (tabindex=“-1”)
  • and modify the position of element (tabindex)

You can jump for one element to another in the tab order via a skip link.

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