HTML - tabindex attribute (tab order)

1 - About

The tabindex global attribute Specifies whether:

  • the element represents an element that is is focusable (that is, an element which is part of the sequence of focusable elements in the document),
  • the relative order of the element in the sequence of focusable elements in the document

3 - Sequential keyboard navigation

3.1 - Taborder

The tab order is the following:

  • tabindex value from 1 to N
  • tabindex with a value of 0 in document order
  • other interactive element on the page that have not a tabindex=“-1”

3.2 - Remove

remove it from the tab order by setting tabindex=“-1”

3.3 - Add

  • tabindex=“0”:
    • element is focusable in sequential keyboard navigation,
    • order is defined by the document's source order.

4 - Documentation / Reference

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