HTML - Menu / Toolbar (list of commands)


menu is an element that can be used as an alternative to ul (list) to express an unordered list of commands creating a Menu (toolbar).

See also: Arrow


menu {
   display: block;
   list-style-type: none;

menu li {
    display: inline-block;
    text-align: center;
    padding: 16px;
<menu type="toolbar">
     <menu label="File">
        <li><button type="button" onclick="file_new()">New...</button></li>
        <li><button type="button" onclick="file_open()">Open...</button></li>
        <li><button type="button" onclick="file_save()">Save</button></li>
     <menu label="Edit">
        <li><button type="button" onclick="edit_cut()">Cut</button></li>
        <li><button type="button" onclick="edit_copy()">Copy</button></li>
        <li><button type="button" onclick="edit_paste()">Paste</button></li>

Documentation / Reference

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