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Title in HTML can be:



The en-US/docs/Web/HTML/Element/title element represents the document’s title or name.

DOM Accessor

The document property document.title returns the document's title, as given by the title element. Can be set, to update the document's title. If there is no head element, the new value is ignored.


The title attribute is a global attribute that represents advisory information associated with the element. Some elements, such as link, abbr, and input, define additional semantics.

Element Usage example
All tooltip
link title or a description of the target resource
image image credit or description
paragraph footnote or commentary on the text
citation information about the source
interactive content label for, or instructions for, use of the element; and so forth

Line break: Each “LF” (Line Feed) (U+000A) character represents a line break. For instance, the following snippet actually defines an abbreviation's expansion with a line break in it:

<p>My logs show that there was some interest in <abbr title="Hypertext Transport Protocol">HTTP</abbr> today.</p>

Documentation / Reference

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