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The footer is an element that represents the footer of:

A footer:

  • contains information about its section such as
    • who wrote it,
    • links to related documents,
    • copyright data,
    • and the like.
  • represent
    • appendices,
    • indexes,
    • long colophons,
    • verbose license agreements,
    • and other such content


Some site designs have what is sometimes referred to as fat footers — footers that contain a lot of material, including images, links to other articles, links to pages for sending feedback, special offers… in some ways, a whole “front page” in the footer.

This fragment shows the bottom of a page on a site with a “fat footer”:

    <p><img src="images/somersaults.jpeg" alt=""> Go to the gym with our somersaults class! Our teacher Jim takes you through the paces
    in this two-part article. <a href="articles/somersaults/1">Part 1</a> · <a href="articles/somersaults/2">Part 2</a></p>
    <p><img src="images/kindplus.jpeg"> Tired of walking on the edge of a clif<!-- sic -->? Our guest writer Lara shows you how to bumble
    your way through the bars. <a href="articles/kindplus/1">Read more...</a></p>
    <p><img src="images/crisps.jpeg"> The chips are down, now all that's left is a potato. What can you do with it? <a
    href="articles/crisps/1">Read more...</a></p>
    <li> <a href="/about">About us...</a>
    <li> <a href="/feedback">Send feedback!</a>
    <li> <a href="/sitemap">Sitemap</a>
  <p><small>Copyright © 2015 The Snacker —
  <a href="/tos">Terms of Service</a></small></p>

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