HTML - Global (Element) Attribute


The global attributes are common attribute to all elements in the HTML language.



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HTML - (Element text Directionality | dir attribute)

The dir global attribute specifies the element's text directionality. The attribute is an enumerated attribute with the following keywords: The ltr keyword (left-to-right text) (default) The rtl...
HTML - Style (Element|Embedded Style) - Attribute

Style in HTML is: an and/of an that permit to declare a style. declarelink element The style element allows style information to be embedded in documents. An style element should be inside...
HTML - The class attribute

The class attribute is a global attribute (ie Every HTML element may have a class attribute specified) that permits to (select|categorize) elements. Assigning classes to an element affects: class matching...
HTML - Title (element|attribute)

Title in HTML can be: the title element or the title attribute of an element The title element represents the document’s title or name. The document property document.title returns the...
HTML - language (lang|xml:lang) attribute

The lang attribute can specified: in no namespace in the XML namespace In no namespace, the language attribute specifies the primary language for the element's contents and for any of the...
HTML - tabindex attribute (tab order)

tabindex is a global attribute that specifies whether: the element represents an element that is is focusable (that is, that you can click or navigate with tab or an element which is part of the sequence...

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