HTML - (Flow|Body) Content


Most elements that are used in the body of documents and applications are categorized as flow content.

Flow content consists of flow elements intermixed with normal character data.


body, head are not content flow element

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CSS - Block Level (element|box)

Block-level refers to the (HTML) elements that are formatted visually as blocks. See for more information: Except for table boxes, and replaced elements, a block-level box can also be a block container...
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CSS Float is a property of a block box. It shifts a box to the left or right on the current line and create a new position context. flexbox The most interesting characteristic of a float (or “floated”...
block directioninlinedirectionverticalwriting mode中文▼ left / block-end sideright / block-start side ▼top / inline-start side ▼bottom / inline-end side ▲width / block-sizeheight / inline-size
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Content Venn
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The contents of an element are its children in the DOM tree. Each element has a content model: a description of the element's expected contents. HTML Authors must not use HTML elements anywhere except...
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As a general rule, elements whose content model allows any flow content or phrasing content should have at least one node in its contents: that is palpable content (Can be manipulated ?) and that...
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If the content model of a particular element foo is described as transparent, it means: when element foo is a child of a parent element bar whose content model is allowed to contain flow elements, then...
Map Html element

map is a html flow element.

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