HTML - AutoComplete


autocompletion in HTML will be find:


The autocomplete attribute permits to fill forms with known or history data of the user such as:

  • address
  • postcode

The autocomplete attribute can be set:

The autocomplete attribute describes the semantic of the value in order to auto-fill the form.


Your phone number: <input type=tel name=custtel autocomplete="billing tel">
Recipient's phone number: <input type=tel name=shiptel autocomplete="shipping tel">
Romanized name: <input name="e" type="text" autocomplete="section-en name">
Japanese name: <input name="j" type="text" autocomplete="section-jp name">
Credit card number:<input name="cc" type="text" inputmode="numeric" pattern="[0-9]{8,19}" autocomplete="cc-number">

See all possible value called autofill-field such as:

  • off to turn it off
  • email
  • name
  • honorific-prefix
  • given-name
  • additional-name
  • family-name
  • honorific-suffix
  • nickname
  • username
  • new-password
  • current-password
  • one-time-code
  • organization-title
  • organization
  • street-address
  • address-line1
  • address-line2
  • address-line3

See all possible values at the specification

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