HTML - dd Element


dd 1) is a element that

Example: Glossary

A dl can be used to define a vocabulary list, like in a dictionary.

In the following example, each entry,:

  • given by a dt with a dfn,
  • has several dds, showing the various parts of the definition.

  <!-- Entry -->
 <dd class="pronunciation">/ˈhæpinəs/</dd>
 <dd class="part-of-speech"><i><abbr>n.</abbr></i></dd>
 <dd>The state of being happy.</dd>
 <dd>Good fortune; success. <q>Oh <b>happiness</b>! It worked!</q></dd>

  <!-- Entry -->
 <dd class="pronunciation">/rɪˈdʒɔɪs/</dd>
 <dd><i class="part-of-speech"><abbr>v.intr.</abbr></i> To be delighted oneself.</dd>
 <dd><i class="part-of-speech"><abbr></abbr></i> To cause one to be delighted.</dd>


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