HTML - Keyboard Navigation (key event)

1 - About

Navigation / Manipulation of an HTML document with the keys of a keyboard.

3 - Key

3.1 - Tab

The tab key is the default key that permits to move from a interactive element to another and therefore change the focus (active element).

More see HTML - tabindex attribute

3.2 - Space

On a document, the space will scroll the page (go down on the scrollbar for one page)

3.3 - Arrow Up / Down

On a document by default, the scroll bar will go up/down

See DOM Event - Scroll

3.4 - Accesskey

4 - Event

As a keyboard is an input device, all event for the keyboard are of the input device category

  • The keydown event tracks when a key goes down
  • The keyup event tracks when a key goes up
  • keypress

5 - Documentation / Reference

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