Layout Shift: How to prevent it ?


A layout shift occurs when the rendering of the web page shifts / move element from their current position.



For instance:

  • without the knowledge of the target ratio (via the height and width attribute of an image, the browser can't reserve space for the image
  • it download the image calculate the space needed for the image
  • recalculate the layout
  • and shifts element around to be able to put the image

That's what's called a layout shift



  • Set the correct image ratio on the image tag with the height and width attribute


When you change a layout css property after page load (the first rendering), you will also create a layout shift.

Solution: If you want to change two layout property at the same time, you should use the window.requestAnimationFrame function to avoid a layout shift.

Example with a dynamic correction of a fixed top header such as the Bootstrap navbar where:

  • we add the fixed-top class that set the position to fixed
  • and correct it with a padding on the body.
window.requestAnimationFrame(function() {
    let fixedNavbar = document.querySelector(".navbar[data-type=\"fixed-top\"]")
    let offsetHeight = fixedNavbar.offsetHeight;"padding-top",offsetHeight+"px");


In the devtool, layout shift can be seen

  • in the performance tab

  • in the rendering tool where you can see the shifted region and and the web core vitals.

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