HTML - Metadata Content

1 - About

Metadata content is content that sets up the presentation or behavior of the rest of the content, or that sets up the relationship of the document with other documents, or that conveys other “out of band” information.

3 - Elements

3.1 - HTML namespace

3.2 - Other namespaces

Elements from other namespaces whose semantics are primarily metadata-related (e.g. RDF) are also metadata content.

Example: in the XML serialization, one can use RDF, like this:

<html xmlns=""
  <title>Hedral's Home Page</title>
   <Person xmlns=""
    <fullName>Cat Hedral</fullName>
    <mailbox r:resource="mailto:[email protected]"/>
  <h1>My home page</h1>
  <p>I like playing with string, I guess. Sister says squirrels are fun
  too so sometimes I follow her to play with them.</p>

This isn't possible in the HTML serialization, however.

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