HTML - User Agent


user agent in the html context

An HTML user agent is a user agent that supports one or more of the HTML specifications.

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HTML - Client

An HTML client is known under the name of a user agent. For more information, see
Html Script Async Vs Defer
HTML - Defer attribute

defer is an boolean attribute of script element that indicates to the user agent (browser) that it should execute the script: after the DOM has been created (the HTML document read entirely and has...
HTML - HTML element (Document root)

The html element represents the root of a a html document (page). It would become also the root (top node) in the in-memory tree representation (DOM document) of this html page. This is also the node...
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How to render svg markup in a HTML page. You can render SVG markup via: object, embed, iframe, img, CSS background-image and svg inclusion. HTML A svgSVG element represents the root...
Source, Visual and Focus Order

This article is the different type of order of HTML element. There is three kind of order: the source order the visual order: the order in which they are read the tab focus order: the order in...
Web - Client

In the web, a client is known as a user agent. As the web is a stack of several technology, a web client is also at minimal: a HTTP client a HTML client
Html Script Async Vs Defer
What is the difference between the Async and Defer Script attribute ?

The script HTML element has two asynchronous loading method that may be chosen via the presence of the async or defer attribute. Asyncdeferresource fetch instructions In a page load, the following...
What is the script HTML element?

A client-side script is a program that is: linked (server-side script) or directly embedded in an HTML document (in-line script) Scripts in HTML have “run-to-completion” semantics, meaning that...
What is the source order ?

The source order is the order of the element in the html document from top to bottom. Because this is the default visual and keyboard navigation order, correct source order is important for: speech,...

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