Selector - Tag (Element selector)

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A tag selector selects element in the DOM tree.


List of tag selector

/* Selects all level 1 headings  */
 /* Selects all paragraphs */ 
/* Selects all strong elements */
/* Selects all em elements */
/* Selects all divs */
/* Selects all mama's tag (who knows ?) */


  • The HTML
<!-- The p official HTML tag -->
<p>I will be blue</p>
<!-- <mama> is not a official HTML, XML tag but you can still use it -->
<mama>Mama will be pink</mama>
  • The CSS selector p.
p /* select all p */ 
{ color:blue; } /* and color them in blue */ 
mama /* select all mama */ 
{ color:pink; } /* and color them in pink */ 

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